Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control uses the hot water extraction process (commonly referred to as steam cleaning) to clean carpets. We can also provide dry cleaning services if you wish. We use powerful, truck mounted equipment as well as state of the art portable extraction machines for hard to reach residences. Cut Price has designed a system whereby you pay for the service you desire. As a default, a standard carpet clean comprises of a pre-shampoo, basic soiling treatment and hot water extraction.

It is then up to you to decide if you would like to add “frills” to your service. For example, if you have a heavily soiled bedroom that requires extra attention, you can add a heavy soiling agitation scrub or spot stain treatment. We can of course explain these processes to you to assist you in your decision. If it’s the basic steam clean service you require, in order to keep our prices cheap for you, we ask that you pre-vacuum and move any furniture you wish for us to clean under. Click here to view our Gold Coast carpet cleaning price list.

Cut Price Carpet Cleaning Services

Rental Carpet Clean

As a general rule, it is highly recommended that if you are vacating a rental property, you should add, as a minimum, a basic spot stain removal service to your carpet clean. We will be unable to guarantee our services should it be clear that extra work is required to lift stains that otherwise weren’t paid for.

We also offer a “Bond Back Guarantee”, which we guarantee the work we do will get your bond back upon vacating. If your property manager isn’t entirely satisfied, we will return to rectify areas of question. Naturally, there are a few terms and conditions of course, so please contact us for further information.

Standard Steam Clean

Much like a low-cost airline, our standard carpet clean is the entry level service of carpet cleaning. You get a pre-shampoo, basic soiling treatment and a hot water extraction (steam) clean. Depending on the level of service you desire, you can choose from a variety of Add-Ons to make your carpet clean a full service. Click here to view Gold Coast carpet cleaning prices.


Choose extras to add on to your service. You can mix and match, so if you have a very dirty room and the rest are just in need of a ‘freshen up’, you can choose an Add-On just for the one room. We are more than happy to assist you in finding a solution to fit your needs, and from just $5.00, our Add-On services are very affordable.

Upholstery Cleaning

Are you lounges looking a bit worse for wear? We are able to steam clean most fabric upholstery lounges. From $20 per seating position, your lounge will look new and refreshed.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services help to restore dirty tiles and grout. We use high pressure hot water and degreasing agents to bring your tiles back to the way they should be. Call or email us today for a free quote.

Rotary Agitation

If you have a few traffic areas which are heavily soiled, we recommend a rotary agitation prior to a steam clean. Agitating carpet prior to extraction can help remove up to 70% more dirty soiling than standard cleaning alone. Rotary agitation is available as an Add-On service from $20 per room.

Anti-microbial Treatment

After our carpet cleaning, you may wish to have your carpets anti-microbial disinfected and deodorised. Our powerful solution is designed to break-down odours and disinfect your carpet, leaving them both fresh and sanitised. Available as Add-On on service from only $10 per room.

Stain Protection

Commonly referred to as Scotch-guarding, our Fibre Guard treatment is designed to protect your cleaned carpets against future spills and stains. The system will not prevent stains from appearing, however, they will certainly make the cleaning process a lot easier. Call us for a free quote.

Stain and soiling removal advice

Whilst we are able to treat a lot of stains, there may be some dye stains and bleaches will simply not come out. If you require additional stain removal services in addition to what is offered in our cleaning packages, additional charges will apply. In saying this however, we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains. Please visit our FAQ page and read about our stain removal policy.