Pest Control

Our Pest Control Services

Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control’s technicians are fully trained to Certificate III trade level in Pest Management. We are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations and can provide you with comprehensive service to rid your premises of its pest issues. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, Cut Price is able to offer termite treatments, barriers and reticulation system installs and recharges. We are fully licenced by the QBCC and hold all appropriate insurances. Click here to view our Gold Coast pest control prices.

Cut Price Pest Control Services

General Pests

Our general pest control services comprise of a treatment in your home for cockroaches, ants, webbing spiders and silverfish.


Rats and mice can play a big part in your family’s health and wellbeing. It is essential that properly trained pest management technicians bait areas highly likely to have rodent populations. A poorly judged baiting routine can have disastrous consequences, especially if you have children or pets.

Termite Treatments

Found termites? NEVER disturb them! Disturbing a termite trail or colony will only move them into another area. It is essential that you call Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control as soon as possible so that we can treat the trail and/or the nest.

Termite Barriers & Reticulation Systems

We are fully licenced and insured to install chemical termite barriers and reticulation systems around your home. Our prices are very affordable when comparing to other pest control companies and we can give you options to suit your budget. We also specialise in reticulation system recharging.